बुधवार, 7 अक्तूबर 2009

The Pain Multiplied By Three Part 1

The pain when you fracture a bone is terrific if you haven't felt it. My readers, you might have fractured once or twice but let me tell me you that I have fractured thrice and while writing my left hand is in the Plaster of Paris and I am going relate all my incidents when I fractured my hands, left twice and right luckily once. If you think that I met with an accident or something like that you are perfectly wrong,twice I was acting as a stupid and fractured and once during a competition.
I fractured my left hand for the first time when I was about 6 years old and was in nursery class. Once during lunch break at our school I had finished my lunch and was looking for one of my friends to as him to share his lunch but there was no one to rescue so desperate I saw an idiotic looking boy who was having his lunch peacefully sitting at the doorstep of our class. On looking at him an idea flashed into my mind it was based on the show which I had seen the day before on discovery channel when my father was watching it. In it they showed how the eagles swooped down on their prey. I got the idea that I would run as fast as I could and snatch something from his box. I did that successfully, after that at a high speed I slipped on some water which was dropped on the ground and to save myself from banging my head on the floor I put my left hand for support. Next things which I felt at that time was terrible pain in my left elbow before which I had heard a CTACK! I sat there for at least twenty minutes crying and holding my hand and was surrounded by a crowd of boys then looking at the crowd a teacher came through and took me outside the principal's office there she told me to try and rotate my elbow while I was doing this the principal came after calling my parents and took me inside his office and told the teacher to go, after some time my uncle came and took me home. From there I was sent to a hospital there the doctors took a X-Ray and advised my father to take me to a good hospital at Jodhpur.
Next week I was in the hospital at Jodhpur admitted for 3 days. On the fourth day I was to be operated. After the operation when I regained consciousness I began vomiting. two months later my plaster was removed. And so beginning of my education was celebrated by a fracture.